If you are experiencing financial difficulties, Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may be right for you.

Through the bankruptcy process, you can:
• Stop harassing creditors
• Stop foreclosures
• Stop lawsuits
• Stop repossessions
• Eliminate Judgments
• Lower interest rates
• Lower payments
• Stop IRS levies
• Stop wage garnishments

Catlett Law Offices specialize in filing personal bankruptcy claims.  Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will receive a complete discharge in about five months after filing.  At the time you receive your bankruptcy discharge, most or all or your debt is erased, and you will have a fresh financial start.  Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the intention is to pay off a portion of your debt and receive a discharge in three to five years after making all of your planned payments.

Before one can file for bankruptcy in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas, provisions in the new bankruptcy laws mandate that one must complete a credit counseling course and a personal financial management seminar.  Our office has arranged for these courses to be conveniently completed online at your home.  We then begin compiling the information needed to complete your bankruptcy petition, including a list of your creditors, a compilation of your property and other assets, and documentation of your income.

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