Orders of Protections

Protecting You From Domestic Violence in St. Louis, Missouri

If you or your children are the victims of domestic violence, we can help you seek protection through the courts by filing an Order of Protection or an Adult Abuse Order.

Domestic violence is a serious matter. If you are being threatened by a family member or stalked by someone, get help as soon as possible.

Providing Immediate Protection

After you file an Order of Protection, the Judge will enter a temporary (ex parte) order until the alleged offender is served with the order and hearing date. This ex parte order will be in effect until the court conducts a full hearing on the matter. This temporary order is in place to keep you and your children safe while you await the final Order of Protection of the court.

Connecting You Through Our Network of Professionals

In addition to filing an Order of Protection, the attorneys at the Law Office of Marta J. Papa, can connect you with domestic violence support groups, counselors and physicians, in order to help you recover from abuse and move forward with your life.

Have You Been Served With an Order of Protection?

If you have been served with an Order of Protection, it is essential that you seek legal counsel so that you have a complete understanding of the restrictions of the temporary order, and to retain legal counsel to represent you at the scheduled hearing.

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